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My (23F) boyfriend (24M) has had a best friend (23M) since high school. I would want someone to tell me if my boyfriend was cheating on

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Little did I imagine, then, that they would betray me by getting together behind my back. Shannon's new man. boyfriend cheat with best friend.

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If he's the kind of guy who cheats, he'll cheat on you regardless. If he's the kind of guy who finds cheating abhorrent, there's nothing his cheating friends A good boyfriend will know how to handle this with tact; it's certainly not by issuing his

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How do you know he cheated on you? Because his best friend told you? Is that proof? Or is that one person telling you something that he says

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The boyfriend has a close friend, Justin, whom I cheated with a few times, from October of last year to this January. Justin is engaged, and we Getting cheated on is one thing, getting cheated on by your boyfriend and your The Reality Of Friend Cheating On The Person I Thought Was My Best Mate.